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HIV & AIDS Situation

Situational Analysis. HIV and AIDS In Zimbabwe As Of December 2014

•Estimated number of people living with HIV – 1,390,211
•Prevalence of HIV – 15%
•Estimated HIV incidence  in 15 – 49 years – 0.98
•Estimated number of new infections – 69,105
•Estimated annual HIV deaths – 63,853
•Number of people in need of ART – 905,368
•Adults on ART: 618,980  (76.9%)
•Children on ART: 46,319  (40.5%)
•Estimated AIDS Orphans – 889,339

Source of Information
1.Zimbabwe National HIV and AIDS Estimates Report 2013
2 .Zimbabwe Demographic Health Survey Report 2010/11
3.MOHCW ART programme data

Global HIV Situation

The Global HIV situation as of 2010 is detailed in the 2010 UNAIDS HIV Global Report which highlights the following
1] Epidemic Update
2] HIV and AIDS Estimates and Data
3] Country Progress Indicators and Data
For more information view or download this document 2010 Global UNAIDS Report.

For more information on the HIV and AIDS situation in Zimbabwe view or download additional documents below

Overview of Zimbabwe Anti Retroviral Therapy Programme

The Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) Programme in Zimbabwe was started in April 2004 with the objective of reducing morbidity and mortality due to HIV and AIDS; and improve the quality of life of People Living With HIV. The programme has seen the country establishing ART initiating and follow up site throughout the country.

Anti Retroviral Therapy Programme statistics at a glance according to Ministry of Health and Child Welfare as of December 2011

About 1,3 m Zimbabweans estimated to be living with HIV and AIDS.
618,980 adults (78%) and 46,319 (41%) children receiving ART by December 2014
About 60% of all ART patients are females
Mortality rates and loss to follow up rates for patients on ART remain low at 5,4% and 5% respectively
Read more State of The ART Programme In Zimbabwe

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