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Strategic Framework

Zimbabwe National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plans

Since its inception in 1999, the operations of the National AIDS Council have been guided by a series of policies which have been reviewed over the years in response to changing trends. Since the discovery of  the first case of HIV and AIDS in 1985, the national response to HIV and  AIDS have been guided by the following policies and strategic plans,
• Emergency Short Term Plan (ESTP) – 1987
• Mid Term Plan ( MTP1) – 1993
• Mid Tern Plan ( MTP2) – 1994-99
• National Policy on HIV and AIDS – 1999
• National HIV and AIDS Strategic Framework – 2000-2004
• Zimbabwe National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan – 2006-2010

Zimbabwe National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan III 2015 - 2018
The Third Zimbabwe National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan (ZNASP III 2015-2018) is a successor to ZNASP II (2011-2015). However, although ZNASP II was expected to expire at the end of 2015, it was cut short by one year to allow ZNASP III (2015 – 2018) to be aligned to ZIm Asset (2013-2018) which is an economic blue print crafted by Government with the aim, to guide and propel the national social and economic development agenda including national effort to counter HIV.  ZNASP III , encompasses the experiences and lessons of ZNASP II and other available evidence about the epidemic and it defines the strategic direction and priorities for  national HIV response scale up to attain set goals and targets by 2018.VISION
The ZNASP III 2015-2018 has adopted and maintained the ZNASP II vision: “Towards Zero New Infections, Zero stigma and discrimination and Zero AIDS related Deaths” with an aspirational goal of “Ending AIDS by 2030” .

ZNASP III provides for well coordinated, adequately resourced, evidence informed and results driven scaled up response to HIV and AIDS that leverages synergies and comparative advantages of all key stakeholders.

i. To reduce HIV incidence among adults and adolescents reduced by 50% from 0.98 in 2013 to 0 in 2018
ii. To reduce HIV-related mortality by 80% for both adults and children by 2018.
49 % by 2018

Improved wellbeing and healthy lives for all population groups free from new  HIV infection, discrimination and AIDS related death

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