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A student’s view on HIV and AIDS

by tgovere

December 29th, 2011

Friday, 23 December 2011 17:12 
Takunda B Gomo
ZRP High School 2011 Form 2
It does not choose colour or creed, sex or age and neither does it have a choice of religion or status.

AIDS can be acquired by anyone. Infecting some of us and affecting most. Leaving inerasable marks in the lives of many, sending others six feet under the ground. United we stand, divided we fall, so lets stand together and fight to combat HIV and AIDS. Together we can make a difference into an HIV free era.
It has been said that HIV is spread through various ways but I do believe in what the internet says.

The internet has enlightened millions of people about the actual cause of AIDS.
It is a condition caused by the HIV virus and transmitted in body fluids, which will break down the sufferers natural defences against infection hence the CD4 count will be lowered. The virus enters the body as a result of sexual activities among other ways and will eventually develop into AIDS.
The virus mainly infects cells and these cells are those that carry a molecule called CD4 on their surface. The CD4 is found on immune cells, most particularly on T-helper cells, which co-ordinate the immune system and on macrophages, cells which roam the body engulfing bacteria and other germs.

The HIV virus gets inside these cells by binding to the CD4 receptor using a molecule on the surface of the virus. AIDS can be spread in different ways e.g. unprotected sex with an infected person, being part of a sex network, mother to child transmission (MTCT) either during birth, before birth or after birth and sharing sharp utensils.
Firstly, the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare stated that the mother to child transmission can be prevented. HIV transmission via the placenta can occur as early as the first three months of pregnancy. There are two methods of preventing the mother to child transmission and the methods are pre-natal and post-natal methods. the pre-natal methods are used to prevent the infant from getting infected with the virus before birth e.g. infected pregnant women should be given drugs which prevent the child from being infected through the placenta.

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